Kids don’t remember their best day of television!

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Children these days just don’t spend nearly as much time playing in the great outdoors as they used to a generation ago, especially with all of the exciting electronic devices like computers and video games which occupy their attention. According to the few studies, the average time that any given child spends in the outdoors enjoying unstructured play is only four to seven minutes per day!!

When you go camping, you allow your kids to reconnect with nature and play outside in the fresh air. They will be able to run wild, meet other children and set their imagination free. A camping trip might be just what your kids need!

Camp offers children a positive, active, alternative to spending too much time sitting indoors watching TV, on the Internet, playing video games or immersed in our high stress, hi-tech world. At camp they can get outside and play in the great outdoors, experience nature’s bounty and just be kids.

Imagine a child’s joy in spending a night inside the tent, their sense of accomplishment from lighting a camp fire or feeling the nature’s beauty!

Advantages of kids camping

  1. Physically and Mentally Active

If you want your kids to burn off energy by running and playing, or generally being active, camping is certain the way to do it, your kids will build muscles as they attempt new physical activities and games, like climbing trees, digging holes, playing sports, or going swimming.

  1. Quality Family Time

Without the distractions of technology, work, school, homework, strict bedtimes, and routines, your family is really able to enjoy some quality family time together. Camping with kids is fun! It’s enjoyable, relaxing, and low-stress.

  1. A Technology Free experience

In family camps, people don’t bring electronics with them, and phones are turned off. And it’s a wonderful break from your everyday life, from social media, from work. Kids greatly enjoy the other things there are to do in life for a weekend, like finding kindling for the fire, digging a fire pit, climbing trees, playing board games. Its real life they get to experience, screen-free, and you get to enjoy it with them.

  1. Educational

Many of the children spend hours reading and learning about different bugs, birds, clouds, and trees, not to mention about things like fire, stars, tents, and camping. Actually going camping let’s them learn firsthand about these things! They can actually see what the night sky looks like, how to set up a tent, start a fire, or what bugs come out at night

When you are camping, bedtime is pushed back, and your child gets to experience the night by the glow of the campfire and of flashlights and lanterns, staring at the stars in the sky.

  1. Its New and Exciting!!!

Going camping is an awesome experience for young children. Whenever you experience something new, novel, or different from your normal life, it tends to be very memorial. Kids take in and absorb much of their camping trips at young ages because it’s just so different from everything they’ve ever done. It’ll be exciting and adorable to you as the parent to watch them experience so many new things.

  1. Fresh Air and Sunshine

Everyone needs some quality time outdoors, to breathe in clear, fresh air, soak up some sunshine, run freely, and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. The fresh air and sunshine help elevate your mood, and decreases your stress levels, blood pressure, and heart rate. The great outdoors makes you happier and certainly your children too.

  1. Adventurous

Camping is not for the dainty and faint of heart, true camping is a primitive endeavor. You have to erect your own shelter (tent), start your own fire, cook all your own food (no microwaves here!), go without indoor plumping, and maybe even pump your own drinking water. You have to clean all dishes by hand, and more. Taking your kids camping means they will learn how to work hard! And be adventurous!! and trust us Kids love tents and camping!!

Just ring us. Let us take care of the rest!!

adminKids don’t remember their best day of television!

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